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Industrial cleaning services for efficient business operations

Double Diamond Cleaners can overcome any cleaning challenges for every type of facility. We can help you get a clean, safe and healthy environment for your facility that will boost the productivity & morale of your employees. 

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Ceiling cleaning 

 In-depth cleaning of your factory ceiling can improve light reflectivity. Double Diamond cleaners are experienced in cleaning ceilings of any height & size. 

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Machinery cleaning

From lightweight to heavy-duty industrial machines, we will ensure that your machinery is working smoothly. Our skilled cleaners clean every corner to eliminate dirt & grease. 

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Mold remediation 

 Our cleaners specialize in eliminating every kind of mold & bacteria issue, thus keeping your facility safe. We strive to protect you from toxic & non-toxic molds. 

Mopping the Floors

We provide you with a healthier, cleaner industrial facility

Double Diamond cleaners make sure that your facility is always clean. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we endeavor to keep your facility operational. We have years of experience in helping organizations work effectively with minimal disruption in their routine operations. 

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Combustible dust cleaning 

Our cleaning pros can eliminate harmful dust, helping you restore your facility into a safe, healthy place. Additionally, you can also reduce your operational costs. 

Rust control 

The cleaners at Double Diamond Cleaning company can reduce every type of corrosion or rust. With our services, you can protect your machinery from getting damaged. 

Tank & vessel clean 

From large storage tanks to kettles, pots and piping systems, we can clean everything. Our cleaning services can extend the lifespan of your space systems. 

Time to get a sparklingly clean facility.
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