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Cleaning services for other industries

Double Diamond Cleaners has the experience of successfully servicing a wide spectrum of organizations in every industry. Besides our standard cleaning services, we also provide cleaning services for several other additional industries. Whether you’re looking for a cleaning solution for your hotel or stadium, you can count on Double Diamond Cleaners.

Glass Cleaning
Window Cleaning

 Our cleaning specialists deliver spotless results every time

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Cleaning the Hallways

Hotel Cleaning

From your hotel rooms to kitchen and common areas, Double Diamond Cleaners deliver spotless results

Theatre Cleaning

By hiring Double Diamond Cleaners for your theatre cleaning, you can ensure that your theatre is clean and inviting.

Stadium Cleaning

Our cleaning services deep clean every nook and corner of your stadium, including lobbies, locker rooms and more.



Our cleaning programs are designed for organizations in every industry. You can get in touch with us to get a customized program for your business.


Karen A.

Double Diamond Cleaners have been exceptional. They are responsive, responsible and provide instant help. They send reliable and skilled cleaning professionals.  Satisfied with their quality services. It's a pleasure to work with them. Highly recommend them.

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