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Cleaning Services

Commercial restaurant cleaning

Your restaurant’s reputation depends on the quality of food, services and the level of cleanliness. Therefore, you need a professional cleaning company who can do the job in the best possible way. Double Diamond Cleaners is a reliable cleaning company providing best-in-class restaurant cleaning services. We guarantee an exceptional level of services at a price that suits your budget. 

Hire dedicated commercial cleaners who are committed to doing the right job every time. Request a free restaurant cleaning quote. 

Office Cleaning

What We Clean 

Den Cleaning

Tables, chairs & tools 

Restaurant Cleaning


Outdoor Patio Cleaning

Entryway & doors 

Clothes Washing Service

Floor cleaning 

Restaurant Cleaning Service

Mop floors & vacuum carpets

Restaurant Cleaning Services


Cabinet Cleaning

Disposal areas 

Office Cleaning

Common areas 


We provide high-quality cleaning services backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


We can tailor-make our cleaning solutions to meet your specific needs. 


Double Diamond Cleaners is your trusted solution for all your restaurant cleaning needs.

What Clients Say

Really pleased with the cleaning services provided by Double Diamond Cleaners. The cleaners were very professional, experienced and friendly. 
Best Maid Service

 Flue cleaning 

Want to deep clean your restaurant flue? Our cleaning pros are experts in the thorough cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system. 

Best Cleaning Service

Kitchen equipment 

We specialize in cleaning every type of kitchen equipment using high-quality degreasers & cleaning chemicals. 

Home Cleaning

Dining area 

We will eliminate the dust & dirt so that your guests have a fabulous dining experience. 

Home Cleaning

Fan cleaning 

Double Diamond Cleaners cleaning services are designed to unclog your fan blades, resulting in speedy airflow. 

Best Cleaning Company

Kitchen floor cleaning 

We disinfect kitchen floors, drains, walls, tables etc. Additionally, we also clean rest areas & other areas. 

West Palm Beach Maids

 Bathroom cleaning 

We provide full-service cleaning services of restrooms, including sanitization of toilets, faucets, dispensers, walla etc. 

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